Fakes/Dave Chappelle

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Back when I was broke and ain’t had shit,
I been out here grinding but I still ain’t made it out yet,
And I been Dropping bars like 6ix9ine droppin’ out on billboard charts,
And I called that shit too, cuz lately there’s too many rappers out here
Chasing dead presidents,
“fuck the culture make a band”
Real recognize real, that’s why we won’t be shakin’ hands,
You can make that hunnid dollars, I’ll focus on packing stands,
Bars are borderline war, like my ass is in Pakistan,
Droppin bombs like verses makin sure you bitches hurtin’,
Goin lyrical, Had to get a lil angry to show my inner white boy,
Met this girl a while back we had a one on one,
I told her Fuckin with me baby a good way to get your heart broke,
And she still ain’t leave,
I swear i got the fakest people ‘round me shit is sickenin’,
Would rather isolate myself, I don’t associate with 2 faced bitches,
Anyone who knows me knows that I am not the type to fuck around and fuckin’ cater to your feelings,
I done had my struggles and went through it by myself,
I don’t your validation,
Watch me disappear so I can finally find the fakes,
And find out who my ride or dies and reevaluate my life,
Can count on one hand the ones that really got my back,
And lately all the music I been making prolly makin’ me seem woke, but I’m not,
I’m just tired of everybody thinking that they better, when they not,
When the checks start comin’ you get no portion of the pot, pussy
Fuck fake friends stay lonely,
Imma get high, with my couple a homies,
Anyone who lost contact, stay gone man,
Cuz imma disappear, Dave Chappelle my own man,

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