Groundhog Day

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I’m in a comatose state, eyes are locked in front of me
See only what’s in my gaze, blind to the world mean muggin me
fighting this fugue is futile who’da knew i could screw the pooch up to this fuckin degree
And motherfuck a degree I be wastin my life for some ink on a sheet
I don’t know much but I do know we only get one shot at living on earth
So I been penning this work tryna let out this pent up unlimited hurt
How can I sin with a smirk, same way I spit in the dirt
Tried repenting, ain’t work since the minute of quitting attendance at church
This shit is deicide, slap in the face of an unseen maker
I used to pray to Christ, asking for A’s on my umpteenth paper
Now all this fucking anger, dominates all I think of
Hard to have delicate speech when my heart pumps hate and my lungs breathe rancor
There ain’t much I won’t do or try, and keeping this between you and I
I plan out murders so much more often than I ever contemplate suicide
If we had a problem then you would die, why should I have to fall victim
But this is all hypothetical anyway, I still play nice with the system
Outside I smile and wave while I scream at myself for the lie on my face
I’m way too tired to play, but the world is a stage where there’s lines I must say
All fuckin times of the day, feel my fate’s written in space
but when I try to erase, some bullshit will pull me back into the fray
Mind is a ghost town
You don’t wanna be there when it goes down
Trigger finger’s itchy to explode rounds
Anybody near me can see clearly that I’m toast now
Slow down, no frowns, permitted when within the walls of your cult
Squishing me into submission is really your vision, an illegit villainous goal
The reaper ain’t stealing my soul, but I be the only one fighting
Grip on my life’ll tighten till all my knuckles whiten heightened
Sense of danger when a stranger offers me a kind favor
I see through your veil and won’t fall prey to the mind flayer
Spirits that enter your zone, kill em at will in an endless assault
Then try to pin us at fault, I'm finishing this it’s the end of the road
Feel like I’m caught up in the spiderweb, venom hit can’t tell if I’m alive or dead
Stuck in this suspended animation, craftwork machination only got a couple miles left
Tired and tireless, awful combination
Everything I do seems like it’s fraught with complications
I was taught to face it with a taut resolve and break it
But the challenge is outpacing how fast malice gets invited in
Feel my potential is limitless, but in practice I be missing it
Feel like I kick it with Sisyphus, sit at my desk and then get to upending it
Skipped the fine print and parenthesis, back when I took on this life
Drafting ideas got me hyped, flip on the switch and just look at the mic
Uhh I don’t know what to say
That be my quote of the day, know that my flow beyond sorta cliche
Slam the keyboard in a rage, stare in a daze at what’s wrote on the page
Hope this can stoke an old flame, lately she think I’m so totally lame
Been tryna grow but I can’t, so fucking stuck in my old silly ways
But I know this ain’t the same, this one’ll surely now force me to change
Finally close up the day, time to reload and replay
Eyes are locked in front me, I’m in a comatose state

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