Dumb Rap [Prod Laykx]

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Saint_James's Notes

//Prod Laykz
//Mixed & Cover Art @Saintjames502

//Hook @Saintjames502
   Does Anyone Rap Any More, Naw They Just Sit Around An Let They Gums Flap/
   Codeine N A Blunt Wrap, Always Clinging On To Dumb Fads, But Fuck Swag/
  Does Anyone Rap Any More, Nah They Just Hit Loud An Then Hum Tracks/
A Punchline, Homie What's That, These Dumb Ass, Lil Pumps, They Suck Bad/
//1st Verse @Saintjames502
  A They All Making Music But None Of Them Rap/
  Gone Off The Lean An Start Mumbling Trash/
Why Everytime That They Hop On A Track/
   Do It Sound Like They Just Had Got Up From Nap/
  If They Catching Z's, I'll Let Them Rest In Peace/
  No Bed When Your Woke, So Its Best You Sleep/
  I Got Nasty Smoke, Its Like Resin Weed/
Fuck Around An Get Burned, STDS/
  I Stay With More The Drip Than Leaky Shed/
See Me Pop Up In Face, Think 3DS/
   They Barely Make The Cut Like Kekes Wrist/
So Ima Take These Kids Out, CPS/
  I Came Up From The Bottom Was Raised On McDonald's/
  Putting Change On The Counter An Praying It Made A Dollar/
I'm Just Trying To Make It Through The Day/
   So I Stay with The Iron Like I'm Making A Waffle/
  Stop With The Molly's Boy You Ain't Never Do That/
  You Say That You a Rapper, But Can't Spit Over Boom Bap/
  Like Move Back, Dog It Easy To Do That/
I'm Stuck To The Cheese Like Glue Trap/
  Your Bitch On My Balls Like A Huge Rash/
Louis Belt Cost Me Two Racks/
   Dolly Parton With The Shit, What I'm Saying Is I Got Huge Racks/
  Slapping Like Old Women, And Grabbing A Gold Ribbon /
   They Want Me On A Track Untill I Snap Out N Go Mentel/
   Dont Need A Pen N Pad I Could Spaz On(With) A Broke Kindle/
   They Always Slow It Down, Cuz They Lacking The Momentum/
   Im Snapping These Brittle Rappers N Send Em Packing/
   They Capping When They Rap Cuz It Never Happen/
  I'm Adamant That These Faggets, Aint Really Grasping/
   The Fact Of The Matter, That Ain't Gass Boy Thats Flatulence/
//Hook @Saintjames502
//2nd Verse @Saintjames502
  Ain't Nothing Wrong With A Little Bit Of Dumb Rap/
  Riding In The Car And Your Twisting Up A Blunt Wrap/
  Vibe With It On As When I Chill At Slut Pad/
   Be Like This Shits Hard, I Sit There An Just Laugh/
  Bitch Now Just Take Off Your Clothes, She Said She My Like Flows/
Thank You I Know, I Say Im The Goat/
   I Just Chop It And Then In The End I Change The Tone/
  You Gotta Be Kidding Me, What Is With Wrong The Industry/
  All These Artist Are Mentally, Challenged Compiled With A Talent Deficiency/
  Couldn't Be In My Bracket, If They Were
Surrounded In Parentheses/
  On God I'm Getting Mad Cuz All These Rappers So Wack/
  Look I've Had It Dog I'm Bout To Body Bag Up The Whole Pack/
  Ima Rhyming Automatic, All They Got Is Bolt Action/
  Toe Taging Notepads, Give A Fuck If I Go Platinum/
  I Cold Smack Them, Im Like A Pimp That's Bout His Change/
  If Aint You Talking About My Money Better Get Up Out My Face/
  All These Rappers Eating Ass An Now Latching On To Gates/
   They Cappin On Track, Like Throwing A Hat Into A Race/
  Rappers Be Wack But Still Have The Audacity/
  Laugh At Mass Like Im Practing Blasphemy
Actually Sad How This Act End In Tragedy/
   Give No Fucks, Im Just Like Latching A Chastity/
  Im Known To Get Popping But Im Not An Arthrologist/
  An I Show Up In A Mask Like I Rock With Anonymous/
  All These Rappers Sound The Same And Their Songs Are Monotonous/
  They Got No Content, Just Like The Stockers Incompetent/
  Theres Something Wrong With These Rappers Today/
  They All Wrapped Up In Fashion And Catching A Wave/
  I Done Tapped In The Vien Like Draculas Fangs/
  Got More Love For The Craft, Then A Passionate Mage/
  Yo Im Bout To Snap So Put Me Back In The Kennel/
   Slap And Then Hit Them, Pull Out The Pads An Lets Practice A little/
   The Reason Why These Rappers Always Sounding Average And Simple/
  Cuz They Get Strung Out Off They Ass Like A Backwards Fidde/
  Sit The Fuck Down With Your Wack Ass Flow/
You Put Us All To Sleep When You Rap That Slow/
  The Marshall Shut It Down, When I Gas That Gas Hoe/
 Cuz Only Hottest Fire Cracker In The Black Cat Roll/

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