Movement - FINISHED

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Pushing the movement towards a new direction.
We got the loud and henny come on through to the session.
Breaking out of my mould and I still caught you flexin'
This is execution by words, now I raise the tension.
Bouncing beats, on the flight.
Why you lookin' nervous?/
I got family in every state, their loyalties in service./
Never went behind their back or tried to burn them in the furnace./
If you got problems with me you better bring it to the surface.
I'm out in Cali on some real shit.
Got a good girl on my hip and we getting lit.
The party never stops when I'm on top and start to spit./
I am just a lyrical miracle I just play with it.
But really, when you break this all down.
I'm on my A game, I'm the king, where's my crown?
I'm living life to my fullest, I come in hot with new sounds/
You try and mess with me dawg, then you're getting put down.
I see your facination in my adaptation playing on the station, feel the bass
causing vibration.
I am a revelation, a new worldwide sensation./
When I ride around the block, they call me XXTENTACION.
I am in it for the grammy so that I can feed my family.
I got everything I need, with my team, would you agree?
I blew up the industry, committed murder on the beat.
I surpassed I know it stings, you'll be okay just take a seat.
Do you watch my every move and are my songs all on repeat.
If you hate I'll cause an earthquake and that ain't no small time feat.
Okay, I'm switching up on my flow now.
You wanna scrap then you going down.
Parade your head round my hometown.
I'm locked in like a jail cell.
I've loaded the boot like the cartel.
I got a nuke and I'm dunkin' on you when it blows all you seein is

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