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Parents don't have the time to spare, These kids are in need of care,
Their too busy washing their hair, Whilst their children watch and stare,
They can't be bothered to parent, Not knowing these kids are their element,
The parents don't realize, These kids are getting penalized,
At school they're alone, Watching their kids on their phones,
They want to go home, Because they don't fit in at all,
They wished life was a sequel, So they can fit in with these people,
Their minds different, They get bullied because of it, life is not peaceful, They can't even go to the toilet, without being stalked,
They're afraid to talk, because they're scared to be caught,
When they go home, they lock themselves in their bedroom,
They don't come out, till the following afternoon,
They wait till its quite, then they put on their favorite cartoon,
In their head its the music they listen too,
And no one can stop them, before they throw a tantrum,
We people are just the same as you, stop with the hate we listen too,
So please, respect us, in the way we do to you.
I've got Autism baby,
If you don't like it, please hate me,
We were born differently,
In this world, we all have a dream.
They've got special needs, doesn't relate to them doing evil deeds,
Words are mean, something relate to bad dreams,
Their worst fear, crying in the night with a bunch of tears,
They're parents are left confused,
Only if they understood their child's needs,
They won't even give them help to the child to succeed,
Instead of that, they will grab lighter and smoke a load of weed,
Posting pictures of themselves, thinking their cool parents,
They won't even let their children visit their grandparents,
Some of them have never met them, their grandparents,
Wished their parents didn't come out of their sperm,
Some of these story's are making me sick,
Makes me wonder if their parents are really thick,
And why do they have to be the people to put up with it?
They don't want you to hurt them no more,
They might be too scared to walk out of their parents door,
This is all making me sick, Autism isn't something people should ignore,
So they might need to copy something that their parents do,
Not realizing, they might break the law.
I've got Autism baby,
If you don't like it, please hate me,
We were born differently,
In this world, we all have a dream.

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