IRAQ LOBSTER ft. Apollo [prod. b...

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Bitch I'm on go
They wouldn't know I'm already a goat
Steady and slow
I be a vibe and you feeling my drive and I'm rapping a flow
You'll never know
Whether I'm hitting a person or I be hitting a pole
Been in control
Ever since these benefits got me as high as Everest
I been just lazy
Vision still hazy
Body be wavy
Do this shit daily
Wake me up like Evanescence
Shining up like heaven's presence
Rapping up like Santa's presents
I'm higher up than all these peasants
Me and Johnny like Jerry and Tommy
We be scheming always plotting
On people copping and jotting
Every little thing about our style
I'm a crocodile in the Nile
I be a surprise from the vile
Jab em up like Lomachenko
Got em moving like flamenco
They be sliding like the Tango
I be a g like my name Rango
I'm in the top ten like watch mojo
Bars so hot they like hot cocoa
Anyone help me that's a no no
Features turn into four locos
Johnny G:
Back on my bullshit, I'm feeling like Michael.
Wack rappers riding my wave like I'm tidal.
Won't be no survival, I'm ceasing your vitals.
Ain't got no ops or no rivals, they're dead on arrival.
One more word, Senzo, I'll aim for your head.
Rounds, I expend those, I'll fill you with lead.
Acting real but he pretends tho, I'm so annoyed
Keep talking shit, get destroyed.
It's an end that you can't avoid.
Dino, quit acting hard, man, we know the truth.
Told me to check stats, I did, and it shows you lose.
Claim you pack weight, can't even get your own facts straight.
You're lucky it's pride month , I'm forced to accept fags.
Duck me, run, hide, cunt, of course I collect bags.
Looking tired and outdated, you need Ageless Male Max.
Maybe then you won't sound so fuckin' gay on all your tracks.
I'm never stressing, man, I just kick back and relax.
You said you never lost, sixty two oh, man, that's cap.
Keep that same energy when I post up, you'll get slapped.
Fuck with me, get your neck snapped, trust and believe it's a wrap.
Said my discography's wack, but you ain't on the map.
Don't need typography class to know that I'm GOATed wherever I go.
Dino, you might need to learn some biology cuz you said you're a GOAT.
You're a sheep, a peon that everyones laughs at and pees on, little thot, BEGONE.

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