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This song is made to explain the George Floyd situation and bring justice for him. It also explains the race and racism situations and how the police and the president is handling them.

how can we be so much of a stupid
I was tryna' make a sense here but life got clueless
are we ever gonna improve, we gonna stop the fight
screamin' all lives matter, cause the stuff just went white
how the hell do you think then black people would live
cause on the platforms only white people active
and on the socials, every white person fit in
stop the freakin' police, cause they the one who fit in
life isn't good, and it wouldn't be till we die
after that, I don't think we all will ever lie
we all know what the game is, Donald Trump f you
you a stupid hoe, them tweets were really like you
I ain't gotta explain, cause I'm just freakin' brown
but I feel you cause we both don't wear a crown
and if I ever die, you know who the hell to blame
cause these people ain't never gonna make us feel same
now that George's brother, cried onto the news
his family prolly' depressed, the world just went fuse
he had a freakin' daughter, you ever cared about that
ever cared for the people, who just died like that
they said how we present, the race only matters
but now that I think, the race is what flatters
the undefined line, which could've made us closer
now it's so big, it just made us colder
I saw this article, which said we are to blame
if a cop kills us, it's prolly' cause we lame
If we weren't a criminal, that would've been better
why we commit a crime, should we write you in a letter
and most of us people, ain't even goin' out
most of us are nice, we wont hit you a clout
but that's how you present, us in front of the media
no offense but, f you and your hysteria

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