Elevator: COVID-19 Cypher Entry

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It seems like every day the news display another death,
Either from the virus or some kind of other threat,
I wish I could die, run and hide inside my head,
But I can’t, I’m a mess, I miss all my friends, I now regret,
I didn’t spend more time with Jade before she left,
Now we will never speak again and I’m missin all my people, friends,
No longer near me in this evil time, a realer time is what I need again.
COVID-19 has split us all apart, now it’s dark inside my heart,
I was hoping I could light a spark, bring the brightness up to par,
On the out I’m doin great, it’s the inside of him that’s scarred.
That’s girl number two I’ll never see again, all because I didn’t go to see ‘em then,
I really cared, she left, “Oh no, there she leaves again”, “Hi” every morning that we meet again,
Everytime I meet a new one I open up my heart, they take a piece of it never to be seen again.
In about 2 months it’ll have been a whole year since my dad first sat with the Lord’s spirit,
Nate too, and I know they both hear this, each faced their fate with no fear in,
They eye, pure heroes to a kid with no reason.
Rest in Peace to George Floyd, but let me speak to all the rioters,
I know when injustice strikes inside it hurts
but you ruin others’ lives with the fires you lightin, curse,
The ones to blame not people trekking through the pain every day and word,
That Mom and Pop’s Shop now lays inside a hearse all because you started fightin’ first,
I’m not against protestin everyone that the type deserves,
I just feel you take it too far when you take a pure heart and endure pain with real marks.

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