Cheating freind pt.1

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I'm tired of this girl u been makein me mad ever since we met
U acted like my freind when u wasent u ain't nuthin but a dirty
Ass backstabber with insert here on yo ass u always did smell
Fishy u have some nerve ta be on my boyfreinds mind while
I'm txting him he told me how u slept with him so we sleepin
Around know since when was it a thing guess I didn't get the
Memo huh I bocked yo ass on all my socials I don't even wanna
See yo notification on my phone no mo once we were tight now
We not and I don't even wanna see u hittin me up when he hurts
You fuck i hope he do cuz I don't want ta see no wedding
Invataion in my mail cuz then I might just have ta crash yo party
I hate ta rain on yo paraid oh wait na i meant would love to
U 2 diserve each other any way u like a match made in heaven
But i aint gonna sit here and be sad bout it cuz i diserve better
But it okay if I don't see u 2 again cuz ill see u 2 in hell anyway.

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