give it too ya

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this is no confession ,
i be steady shootin
why is you provokin
this crazy gangstas holdin
knots up in my pockit
everything is golden
money actin rite
so you no that shit aint foldin
got my pockets swollin
yeah the bitches buldgin
i got big balls
u would think i was bowling
like the kingpin
i feel like i was chosen
chosen by the streets
part of the elite
yeah i got that heat
and im steady gettin lifted
if getting hi is a talent then consider me gifted
i got my seat leaned back
i puts it down like a mac
keep my windows tinted so nobody sees in em
spitin all this venom
more fly than my denim
keep the window cracked
with my music up loud
just too see how people react
real smooth in the lac
something like a mack
all i do is get cheese
but it aint whiz
if you want the bizznizz
then ill give it 2 ya
got some bad bitches
now im screamin hallaheighua
watch your fuckin back
if you let em they will do ya
theres quite a few of ya
and you know just who you are
i be bleeding blox shining like a star
fucking goldie lox
fuck u bitch ass cops,red dots,special opps,
she did it for some rocks
but shes still a fuckin fox
step outside the box
newbreeds what im reppin never half steppin
this is not a test 40 units i be blessin
its all gucci i aint stressin
got my homie smith and the other one is wesson
no need to take notes
so just trust me pay attention
bustin at u with intentions
its so gut wrenchin
now did u make the connection
thats no confession
and im loaded like a weapon
got love for my mexicans
and i stay hi
allways roll solo bangin in the fo doo
make u stop n take a photo
everybody moving slow mo
leaned back like a cho low
never gave a fuck n i got that shit on go pro
i think its bout time time to fucking go bro
boy ill give it too you

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