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Back in the day didn't have to stress it didn't have to worry about a worldwide pandemic Y2K hit everybody started stressing time then glitched politics start oppressing Nation at a gaze while the country start suppressing 1 / 20 / 01 Bush gets elected if if we only knew about his mind and objective 7 months pass 22 days I compute 8:46 flight 11 executes on the 93rd floor of Tower number 2 left the nation in a glare not knowing what to do 175 through the bright sky of blue impales the second tower at 9:02 a nation on its knees battered with a bruise this is just the start to a hell ridden Cruise⁸
911 2001 where the story starts and our nation starts to Plunge where the hate begins and the world starts to test it we got to come together stop the hate and send a message so the world don't fall apart we got to resurrect it
April 15th 2013 two terrorist Brothers had an evil ish scheme to pressure cooker bombs made a hellacious scene wounded hundreds in attendance but only killing three my heart goes out to the 16 that on that tragic day lost their arms legs or feet we're living in a world that is stuck on repeat if we collapse to the world's evil Deeds everyday civilians will reek havoc in the streets Marauders robbing people for the food that they eat no law enforcement to step up to the scene I'll preach it while I can prepare for your fate descending to the Anarchy at a fast rate I predict it'll happen by 2038 so do yourself a favor and prepare your kids fate all the world does is descend at a rate from Power money ignorance and a lot of f****** hate {+2} Pandemic that we're living making people lose faith old generation on the road to their grave stores are shutting down cuz the people want to raid get the picture now we just all a bunch of slaves sitting back thinking about the road that I've paved really doesn't matter about to quarantine us up but what if this time we fall and don't get up if you think about it people don't like to be stuck in about a month the streets will destruct....

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