Caw - Inner Rage

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i speed it up on the beat if a nigga smoke
we gonna shot at you back door
i with my Gang if you talk to me bad
i finna pull up and i wake hoe
i with the Gas and the Cash Hoe
running black coup ima dash hoe
Caw he be killing it yah hoe
Ya''ll want to talk Why Mad for
add it up add it up math hoe
this shi complex
Ya'll niggas not in the lead
Yall niggas talk but your not in my speed
Ya'll niggas Cap you is not with the Team
hu hu hu
double the Binjomens I drippng Wait
I Drip like Oeacn you drip like a Leak
fuck with me nigga you know i skate
Why these niggas talking why they wanna hate
shout to nick yah we open the gate
im a dog yah Kuji i Rage
back up nigga Yah out of my face

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