Soldier ft Maz

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(Verse 1)
I'm the medicine i'm good like donors
Send in all your soldiers
I'm dropping these coronas
Man thank god i beat corona
Thought i was gonna fully stop but it was more of a coma
You know shits never over right?
And when they left me knew that i was over right
What goes around comes around like an open mic
From me you get no sound like the Poltergeist
Won't suffice
Wan't that new office i mean office
We trying to get off this and off this
Locked in ain't stopping us from rocking
Evolving to whatever we involved in
I look into the mirror see a fucking martian
Cause whatever life deliver i'm still marching
If the end is getting nearer i'm still charging
Here's a tip don't be a waiter get your clock in
Go to war till we fall
We be like soldiers
We gonna fight it's over
Know we be like soldiers
We gonna fight till its over
(Verse 2 Maz)
I ain't gonna stop dis until the day that I fall
Quarantine got you in your room hoping that I stop
But I, kick that door down and wave a glock to your mother
coldest in the cut Ima slice up all ya brothers
What you fuckin say to me? keep it movin kid
Boy my flow is mad contagious like im on corona shit
Virus shit I got a buzz I aint talkin bout alcohol
You talkin allat shit nobody wanna hear yo sound at all
Yeah I kill you catch a case
Fuck a lawyer beat the race
Catch a Bullet in yo face
You be slow I get the pace,
choppers up I let em spray
Yes Im repping S T K
Catch a hallow if you fake
Ima soldier taking aim
Uh, yeah, coming out the undergroun
I been mixing in a lab n Im doin numbers now
I been Masked up, way before the world pandemic
if you step to me fuck a distance cuz you can get it

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