Doll House ft. BXile

• Written by  • Featuring TheRealBXile

(Verse 1 Lord_Omega/KingOsiris)
Hundreds of thousands got
Plagued to death smell the black aroma
average toll of, the damage quota it
ravage throats like a passive smoker,
foolish thought it pass like colds
a passive foe till back turn it bites like a savage cobra
masses all cry in horror, chorus of
shut downs from the classrooms to brick and mortar
confinement we hit the sofa the binding from
tipping scales got the reaper unmasking,
yappy pundits clash while taxis got plastic all over the backseat
I mean fuck somebody slap anxiety try to breathe
until I peep an empty street, feel all calmness yank up from me,
Prep and look out for your own, snakes been out there weeding dummies
money hoarding scalpers tactic thriving on breeding scummy,
And I came armed and ready for war,
if it all comes comes crashing, take out any who poke their head through the door,
for my family I'll lay these heads to the floor,
Survive provide while my bank account has been severed and gored, came with a torch huh!
Hard not to get Pissy,
Exec bonus at your expense they get to fall back pretty,
Pop Crystal skull need sobriety hard to not get tipsy
A round of shots sink my body and then I'm gone like Whitney
Or I might get acquainted with pills, they done say this a drill
every January these scientists with play with the wheel
flashing a warning sign by the clock of humanities suicide
Sun is out grill fridge and the veggies we doomed to fry
or did I subscribe to a trial of a modern day Noah's ark
I welcome tides if it wash up the dirty thighs of the Narcs
Get lost in my daughters eyes I wanna cry,
smiling angels I fucked into this world and for that I apologize... x2
They said beware of the horsemen, forms and all its depictions,
Ponder worth of it daily, struggle hard with decisions,
Family bonds my commitment, find the fuse through my writtens
Heavy body I'm renting, not long I might get evicted
Dragged an angel to Earth, you brought me down on my knees
Swore I'd give you the world, but all the world is diseased
Flames of war and the heat, I'll hold your hand through the smog
Falling sky don't look outside baby just play with your dolls..
(Verse 2 BXile)
I never thought I’d be alive for this situation
doctors committing suicide and pictures of dying patients
stuck in they head, deciding who lives day-out and day-in
worried bout my family, this non-religious man praying, imagine that..
its not power its a curse
few beds available… they gotta choose who sleep in the hearse,
they can’t save everyone, and we can barely save our self,
distant living? wearing masks? some let it dust on the shelf
I heard of the Great Depression was young through the last recession
we almost repeating history so it raises the question
will I experience that misery? All the suspense is killing me
as fast as the virus spreading through the lungs of a thousand men
tell me are you feeling the tension? the paranoia is poison
but through this some bonds were strengthen, I hope you getting the point
its important who we anoint to lead our counties to greatness
see politics are the joints the body equals the nation,
and you need ya joints to move, the game is rigged, animated,
it makes me sick and I hate it, the people always debating
even free will has its cons, now don’t paint me a communist,
it mean the whole world could of agreed to a way of stopping this,
like I said a couple cons, but of course ill take the pros,
Momma taught compassion, now I’m cold to people wit a cold,
cause im thinking of my folks, wanna see my nephews grow,
I rather be overthinking than under a tombstone,
im wit the quarantine shits, but I know some of ya are suffering,
its not forever, we just stuck for now like we all buffering,
its R.I.P. Floyd…lets give a moment of silence….
just dropped a track with Riot, now riots
are raging across the entire world, crowds of defiance
while the virus chillin, laughing in private.. hah yeah…
I think for change we gon need more than quiet,
But I'm praying the whole world led to guidance

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