King Freeverse

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Rolling through my city
All these people want the smoke (yeah yeah)
Pull up lookin litty
Y y’all looking broke (yeah yeah)
Ice all in my veins
You icy on your throat (ice ice)
Roane ain’t playin games
I gotchu in the scope (brr brr)
747, passin by the boat (zoom zoom)
Thinking you so hot, but shopping for a coat (brr brr)
Ocean level lyrics talkin bout my flow (surfs up)
How you look like Nemo when he touch the boat? (Lucky fin)
I been away
Down in the water been looking for ways to provide for the gang
Back in the day
All of these rappers were memeing and now they all chasing the fame
Who was the one that decided that we gon be ignorant and avoid using our brains?
Doesn’t matter, man I’m back up in it with a helluva lot I can say
Man Imma ghost
Soon as you catching a glimpse I be hitting y’all with adios
I am a legend and you gon respect the way that i can put a boy in comatose
Im doing the most
All of these rappers thinking they can fight their way to be the GOAT
I mean it’s cool but honestly I dont give a damn, cuz I be out here on a boat
What’s in a name?
Put a hand up on a Bible and tell me you think you the king
How you thinking you so hot, when my flow the reason we got all this climate change
I ain’t been perfect I know I got flaws, but that don’t mean nothing to me
Bars like a cartel, my name can carry weight in the community
I ain’t here tryna say y’all ain’t important so come around kick it with me
I can show power and money but never devour the essence of responsibility
I can pull women and push away friends, so long as I’m keeping all my enemies
I gotta fit in with the big kids
Cuz the big men still afraid of me
They wanna box? I got people that ready to give they girl more than the clap (damn)
Pull up ya britches, ya fitna need stiches I’m giving ya more than a stab
I got the juice and I’m feeling like somebody givin me head in a cab
I could pull women that live in the dreams of the deadbeat you’re calling your dad
I ain’t here tryna say y’all ain’t important
I’m just here saying that y’all should’ve forfeit
Tryna respond better check your endorphins
Damage is done, and I’ll dance on your corpses
Lemme get hit after hit after hit
I promise the money ain’t making me rich
You tryna compete so you spitting real quick, but
Ain’t nobody been better than this
Shot after shot hitting nothing but net I can you I’m never gone miss and I’m thinking that
Honestly y’all should retire and hope that the king will be one of your kids but I know that you
Thinking the flow is impeccable might have a chance if you mumble your diss
But honestly I’ve had the crown for a minute and I’m kinda liking the way that it fits

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