God ft. Da.n, Nick Grace

• Written by  • Featuring NickGrace

Got them hoes mad
You big mad
Shake that ass
For a lil cash
Take that stash
We making big bags
I'm a young god
You feel the power
We some young gods
The world is ours
I'm a young god
Ain't no one gonna stop us from getting what we want
We won
Wipe the spit of your face
Got them spinning in place
Bet i'm bringing the rays
Then all my winnings i take
I know dudes who will do my killings for change
I know somebody that know somebody
But you can buy off me
You would think i'm Ghandi
How i could chop a piece (peace) of your body
Quick to go kamikaze
I will be back by the morning
Got you alarmed while yawning
I'm going in and not leaving with nothing
I'm hustling make that nothing to something

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