WU-HAN!! Got You All In Check

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Kick back with a 6 pack, case of corona
reminisce the good old days of cancer or ebola
worlds in a coma, seems 'Sir.Real' like a bad dream
but i got the vaccine - i'm keeping my ass clean
routine gettin' lean, cant make any C.R.E.A.M
C.ovid R.uin E.verything A.round M.e it seem
economy - turned out, hurt by a work drought
first bout flatten the curve, till this shit burns out
no doubt, is this the new meaning of my life
gettin' blazed on dank piff just to pass time
lockdown for days, away from sun rays
contact we crave, can lead straight to the grave
trapped in a cage, nature made another strain
hands pressed against a pane, like till we meet again
this bat shit crazy, beng lazy till its benign
click clack the locks, kick back and design
permanent lines, for these turbulent times
ghetto knife crimes and rivals, now a virus wanna murder me
been a downturn of burglaries, only stealing from surgeries
yo mother wears a face mask out of common courtesy!
emergency - i know exactly where you're gonna be
sneaking to your property, scores settled properly
piss on your technology, coughing on your crockery
wipe my brow with your towel, i'm foul like broccoli
like in the presidents speech - go inject the bleach
commander and chief, should practise what he preach
little hands with fake tan, his palms are greased
its gets deep, peoples lives are feeding the elite
send a mixed message, the media second guessing
scientist obsessing, over a second wave spreading
theres not enough testing, it could lead to more infection
containing the contagion, you better wear protection
science imma drop it, the unhealthy are just profit
complex paradoxes, it comes down to economics
don't worry about droplets, only filling up there pockets
proper apathy, so what if you infect your family
weak strategy lead to tragedy, led by insanity
a poor boy nobody loves - bohemian rhapsody
got elected cause of brexit, and then gets infected
'stick to social distancing' then forgets he said it
he's the last leader needed when amid a pandemic
this geezer pathetic, unprepared for a pathogenic
care homes neglected, key workers unprotected
like his next affair, the health service laid bare
really need intensive care, just on his fuckin' hair!
he declare we can beat it, if we all just stick together
whatever...we've never, been more apart ever
remember its not forever, and soon it will be better
were all feeling pressure, a soul can loose hope
dead broke got choked, breath caught in the throat
is this only a cold, or are you at the end of ya rope
washing your hands to the bone, with a gallon of soap... nope

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