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Love is poison in your veins -
Love is torcher it is pain -
Love hits harder then them drugs -
Love can keep you all fucked -
Stress and coping - go insane -
Out your brain - you don’t think straight -
Keep silent and take the blame -
Make her happy but she changed -
Dopephamones inside brain -
Dying through out that damn day -
She don’t know what you been thru-
She just says that she is thru -
Connection leads attachments-
You feel like your abandoned -
No one Holds you closely -
And I don’t wanna deal with all this
shit -
Baby are you riding or not?
I guess you never kno - until you
Let em go -
But that also -
Opens up the door -
To letting me go explore -
Even though you
Really wanted to give em
Your all -
Fuck it this love -
Got me all tucked up -
And I ain’t even drink today -
I got so much say -
But you gone and I’m lost -
I hating the fact -
That you don’t want me back -
But I will stay intact -
I’m just de-presses -
Can we re-connect -
I just wanna photo of the kids -

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