Living Sin

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I spit the shit to make you slit your wrist
Like a crazy bitch who needs some dick
I picked her up and brought her to my crib
I fucked her once sent her home we never talked again
A few weeks later she claims she lesbian
The hoes still creepin and bein nosey
I'm in my space ship shooting at pedestrians
You mess with me you mess with them
So I suggest you just leave it be
You won't control the beef
It wont stop til one of us rests in peace
So dont be testin me
I dont need weaponry to cut ya neck ya see
I got your bitch standing next to me
Your fuckin ex to be all because the ecstasy
Sometimes I feel like I should just let go
Doing what I can accept my cities ghetto
Whiteboy with the best flow
Fully representing the west coast
Now move aside so I can say hi to the next ho
Talk behind my back and now you gon get hit man
I'm the hitman when I shoot ya shit man
I deal with bullshit that you prolly couldn't withstand
Off the lean got you falling off ya kickstand
I got a tlow that could fuck up the cosmos
You got hoes bravo everybody got those
It ain't no debate I need to regulate the game
Wont hesitate to go insane bout once or twice a day
Act malicious piss you off rapping slapping bitches
A menace actin grimace with a temperament
Yall my children and the victims are the instruments
And I ain't giving in I'm just a living sin

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