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it ain't up for no debate
I need to regulate
won't hesitate to go insane bout once or twice a day
act malicious, piss you off rapping slapping bitches
a menace acting grimace with a temperament
yall my children and my victims are the instruments
grab the holy water mixed with dope and splash the Pope with it
jackin off in church in front of jesus hoping no one notices
Lucifer has left the throne I'm the one who's got control of it
my life must be a dick no wonder why I dont got hold on it
rappers these days ain't nothing but some parasites
let me just clarify i ain't takin their advice
my rhymes will hit your spine and leave you paralyzed
look him in his face you'll see his rage
his feral eyes will have you terrified
your witnessing his masterwork
now let the master work and afterwards
I can take you to the afterlife
a place where laughter dies
a place where everybody knows lady gaga's a hermaphrodite
you wanna battle but you shouldn't have rattled the cage
cause the now dragons awake
it seems like it's all hat and no cattle these days
but that's not even half of the battle these days

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