Car accident during COVID-19

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This song is dedicated to me.
[Verse 1]
Hello guys. I just been in a car accident.
My face is bleeding, Fat lips. Oh, My pinky. It won't bend.
It happened on the way to Wal-mart to get a hairdryer.
It was gonna be a good day.
Skies were brighter. My body felt lighter. My feet were Unwired.
Put them to the pedals. Listening to Nu-Metal. felt so special.
Next moment I was flying through the air. I wasn't prepared.
I just wanted to dry my hair.
I hit my face and forehead. I'm spitting blood.
I was in a haze. But not dead. Oh my God.
My face ached so bad. It felt so not.
I awoke. A Guy said, "I didn't see you!"
A sharp twinge to my head. But I'm confused.
"Son of a bitch! are you okay? I didn't see you!"
He kept saying "I didn't see you!"
How could he not see me? He was coming right toward me.
He is losing his mind. But I stay cool.
It's time to see who is kind and who is uncool.
Ladies and gentlemen, This is where the bullshit story had begun.
So cops showed up. An old white cop came and said,
"Hold up. Which way were you going?"
I was like Oh fuck.
I said "That way."
He said "That way? You're on the wrong side. "
I was like "What did he say?"
I replied in pain, "I didn't know that."
He sneered with a look like That's what I thought.
like It was my fault.
he didn't even support or escort to hop me in
the ambulance. He didn't let me explain what happened.
I feel like something is testing my will.
In pain, I start to convince the driver to cill.
I told him "Hey. Don't worry. I'm alive." still.
He said "Yeah! Thank God for that!"
I was surprised.
He was pissed. I just tried to make peace. But it didn't work.
I used my busted lips to put at ease this jerk.
Nothing worked. My face hurt. My body hurt.
But you know I just had to give it a whirl.
The investigator asked us both "Are you okay?"
I said' Yeah. I'm fine." But the driver said," I guess!"
He's pissed. Cops worried about him, not my face.
Obviously, people here don't like my race.
Hey, hey, am I doing great?
Hey, hate, do I have to hate?
Hey, hey, am I doing great?
Hey, hate, do I have to be hated?
[Verse 2]
When I returned home, My friends were so upset.
The first thing they said was "Stay the fuck away."
You've been exposed." Taken back.
So I closed my heart. They didn't even say are you okay?
"We need to have this conversation. This is so fucked.
It's gonna cost me!"
They are really mad at me. I thought we're like family.
Now they don't agree. Still talking to me without noticing my injury.
They don't give a fuck about me or I'm dizzy.
This damn sure is about them. Not really about me.
I was told to go somewhere else.
I just hope that God will say "Come here, yourself."
I stay cool, Cuz I'm Cool hand luke.
All I said was "Sorry." Cuz I won't argue with rotten broccoli.
promising myself not to talk about this.
this feeling is the same as when I become a star like Prince.
I stay cool. I stay true just like my tattoo.
People use human rights as a tool.
To justify why they're upset more than anyone.
I get a call and cops said
"It's your fault. We decided not to charge him."
I was like just...Wow.
Bitiches thank God that I'm stronger than you
Thank God for I have well trained in patience too.
I'll prove nothing is gonna stop me. No doubt.
Just finished my routine. Stretches and work-out.
You think that's insane after getting in a car accident?
I use this pain to make a milli.
So if you'll excuse me,
I'mma practice a scene from gladiator with an amateur actor to be a star.
Cuz I use my blood, sweat, and tears as gasoline.
Now I'm ready to do a scene with a bleeding face.
Wait a sec. I just got a text. He just said,
"Hey man, I didn't sleep well last night. Can we do it tomorrow ?"
Haha. My life is about to get awesome.
Now I have to wake up every two hours not to die.
This is where I say goodbye? I'm just a homeless guy.
Fuck that. Fuck the money. I already won.
I win this battle every day.
Hey, hey, am I doing great?
Hey, hate, do I have to hate?
Hey, hey, am I doing great?
Hey, hate, I don't wanna hate?

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