Quarintined Confinement

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Man, it feels like these walls are closing in
This roof is caving in, up its time to raise it then
These days are numbered like pages in
My book of rhymes
This crooked mind of mine got me all
Shook and scared to look outside
No more implied joy rides
Confined worldwide
But uncontrolled statewide
News on the side eye
Trimmed to be calm like bonsai
I turned a new leaf, sike, awry
Time to switch the flow like its rap
Cause that’s what's I do with no gain, no cap
Cause they keep feedin' me blank sheets
As soon as I sink these teeth
And I'm killin' the loose leaf
Time to shake these trees again
So get a rake cause it’s me leavin’ it
See what I did with my decivin’ wit
But like a misconceivin’ kit
I made many meanings from this

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