1920's Onyx Club

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This is a song based on the movie "Chicago" and describing the story of Roxie Hart. The whole song was recorded in one take to show more emotion towards the story as this is one of my favorite movie scenes as a kid, hope y'all enjoy.

(Scene from "Chicago")
1920..1920 Onyx Club
As you order down a cab away, drives you to the cabaret
Get on all your makeup and a shot to put the pain away
Roll yourself some Lucky Strike to spark another page
Before you even know it, you are called up to the stage
Music, action, the club today is filled with joy
Dancing off your worries as you’re thinking bout your golden boy
Husband is a bitch so you seeked to find another man
Now you got a boyfriend but he is more than just a lover and
You know he got connections, his pockets always fat and stacked
Maybe never see him but he promises another act
To get your life in order, your ass is trapped in torture
He’s giving you another chance to cross your lifely border
The time been ticking quick and the night creeps dark and slowly
Soon the show is over and you go to see your one and only
Tell him how I missed you and you kiss him on the cheek
“Fred get on the bed, haven’t seen you since the other week”
But he ain’t acting normal, you saw it off the bat
From the moment that you walked in, you have never seen him look like that
He calls you every name he wants and says you have no talent
You don’t know when you lit the fuse to set off all this havoc
You don’t have it, you are worthless, you are just another broad
To think that I would love you and then take you down to me abroad
Screw it, fuck it, forget bout me right now
You are just a worthless slut, a teen who’s juvenile
What the fuck, how’d this happen, your mind is in a race
You’re trapped inside a labyrinth, no matter you’re amazed
Your head is out of place cause you thought he was your prince
Now he wants to just dismiss you like he’s never seen you since
You storm at him with passion, your brain is up and crashing
He shoves you to the ground and around your face is mashed in
Jewelerry, cologne, he says you’re now alone
Stay down on the ground before your brains are fully blown
He’s showing you his anger, but inside you now is temper
Blood is on your face, your thoughts are tender when they enter
Remember bout the Colt which he keeps inside the closet
He turns around to run but your hands already cock it
1920, 1920 Onyx Club

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