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On lock down,
Gettin ready
for the shutdown
Applying pressure
Feet on block
Steady for that gun sound
The track layed out
bolt 9 seconds
And the race round
wait now
Only bow
When im being crowned
Faster than the speed
of sound
Boy you cant catch me
I be blazin with the boys
Till quarantine hatch me
No gals
locked in
And too acky
too sappy
Cling to me
Like a thumb tacky
Sun slit the blind
In the morning
Aint slept
But yawning
Zen left my mind
So the world is
Pass out around five
Come too
Past two
Deep into my thoughts
I keep falling
Theres no way out,
Or so i tell myself
Bredrin in the army
Weaponizing his belt
A breath of fresh air
Wouldnt be harming my health
But covid on the loose
So its trips
From my top shelf
Aknolage that
the current situation
Got me stuck
Battly my own mind
Like the forwards
In a ruck
Best slow down
Almost smoked up all my skunk
When i can hit the bong
Life get me in a hump
I said
life got me in a hump
Aint nun to do
i just stare at walls stuck
Wanna oder pizza
But i aint got no bucks
Corn flake diet
No milk
But i dont give a fuck
Undeniably gifted
When it come down to rhythmic
Hit the beat real sweat
Then i grip it
And stick it
These weeks been peek
Got to study no mimic
No more clean sheets
With somthin poetic
I finally
got more time to crush
Been knee deep
In nothing
i aint
bound to shush
Keen to seek peeks
my feet stuck
To blocks
Exercise cause
noone get to
Hush my mush
Aint been out the house
For ten nights
Hear the sirens sound
Every day
once or twice
So stay safe
Stay home
And build your tolerance
To vice
my advice
Take it or leave it
you decide

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