Quick spittin

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Im cooky
im making money
Glidin in a taxi
[Vers 1]
Yes im him, forward in my lane
People tired of my name
i got cramp on my waist
Off my gun, its my bro
Say it yo my face
And i pull it out and shoot
I am fire, you get burnt
Got the game turnt
Im a rebel that got what he deserves
My brothers and family comes first
People get tripped by a friend
Smoking L, im getting tense
Me and my friend, we was kids
We had guns before we had a mustasch
Rolemodels took cash (Rolemodels charged)
Customers took keys of hasch
Listen to my words, No promises made
Cuz people are fake
Fuck that man, baby, shake your ass
This is real rap hit the dash
Go with us or get popped you choose
move your figure, make your moves
We all real this aint no acting
destroyed your wall cuz i caught you slacking

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