No Shame

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I'm never younger than now
Dont tell me whaaat tooo do
Who is a virus stopping
Set up facetime, jAm
… shame
[Verse 1]
How many times can you guess I was touching myself
in the middle of a zoom school meeting(Yikes!)
Sorry I'm in love with the sound of
mrs. Jefferson’s voice in my ear baby TEACH me!
Telephone called a shy girl for an hour
till she worked up the courage to show me her DD’s
I was the one with no loss, now I drip like a faucet,
coughing, caught that DEESEASE(COVID!)
Whoooo woulda thought that an overpopulated
china wud construct a virus that would cause the apoc-lyps
“I did” “shut up”
I’m bOred stuck in mah crib
"Like a… turtle?"
Boi you retarded
By the way go find a clearance section
..and you can pay like a quarter for chocolate
Don’t go outside ‘less you keepin 6 feet
I’m strapped if a bitch sneeze
And it’s 40 for a box tish
…… shame
….(whisper) no shame!
…...i got..
[Verse 2]
I'm trapped in my bedroom
Flat broke and rents due
Sad with the tissues
Jacking off till noon
I beat my record 5 times and my dicks blue
I-finished all the TV on Netflix I'mma have issues
Hit the pandemic hard! Why sober?
Tryna blow 15 percent like Geico insurance
thought I was big fucked up on biPoLar
My liver finna be fucked if ebola hits twice over
All jokes aside and we're keepin PG
we're blocking the toxic out, reason being
After every death you don't need to retweet
Stop the negativity or leave completely
We don't like to be scared and if we're safe
We don't have no reason to be afraid
Let the TP warriors dig deep graves
We-gonna make vacay worth these delays

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