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What in the hell is really going on I ask,
everyone’s tryin to save their own ass
from the invisible inevitable
can’t put the bread on
the tables have turned
but we still can’t tip the table
cause we broke the bank and this is the last straw that broke
Shakespeare's back in action Jackson,
This shit is laced with advice from Mrs. Case but
can’t get no satisfaction
Eatin/ oatmeal
every days a new day we wonderin
if we gonna ever get paid
again and again they keep in us from travelin
trailer trash got a new
meaningful words carry weight, (pause)
gotta take a load off
marry me please cause if you don’t
I’m gonna hate being homeless and you gonna be
back on the chain gang got you nervous
cause you ain’t got street smots,
you’a white colla robot
beggin for
crumbs the word my fine feathered friend,
we flock together, ain’t got no mother hen
but we got Each and every one of us skin and blood,
they say this virus don’t discriminate
while Hispanics and blacks being dragged through the mud.
HUD’s not helpin put roofs
overheads way too high
gotta close the doors gotta shut it down.
One day you on top the next you’s a clown.
Oh you didn’t think the shit could drag you down
off that horse you were pranicin
around like a record baby what goes around comes
around house to the head
you got hit and run
has become
your new hobby, cause you can’t lobby no more
those days are gone
my friend, we thought they’d never end...
but just ask TUPAC, ainti gonna mock
All eyes on
mean girls got no love? Wow.
oh isn’t it funny how the futa takes shape
after you’ve been shitty person until now.
Shoulda patched them holes...
Shoulda coulda woulda
won’t get you
anywhere is better than here,
cause the US is for whom the bell tolls.
The goals have moved,
time to find more cheese,
need to till a new field for this game of thrones,
need to recognize these new opportunities.
On your marks, get set, right out of the gate
you gotta make
the solution here cause ain’t
nothin gonna happen while you sit and wait.
Oh no, you best get up an sprint cause you missed the bus,
for this dinner, you can’t be late
cause you don’t know
when’s your next meal, you can’t decide your fate.
While you snoozin’, you loosin’, don’t be that lazy susan,
Spinnin in circles got you dizzy
and you wonder why the drink aint fizzy
Pop’s gone stale cause you fuckin’ failed
I told you, run forward, no time for lookin back,
no time to pause, no time for that
you gone turn into dust
you gonna turn into salt
forget about prison
you locking yourself in your own basement vault
what part of “must” don’t you understand?
Fuck it, I’m done trying,
If you die, it’s your own damn fault!

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