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In the coffin kill.
Now I'll make a person that's coughing kill.
This quarantine helping me to really get gain.
Dont tell me, I dont wanna feel your pet pain.
This is my moment to shine, I ain't gonna make the algorithm change.
Now I'm coming in like I'm insane.
Just wait, just stay patient.
Covid-19 has hit alot of Asians.
Now poor people live outside, they staging.
From being impatient to dying and laying.
Feeling detrimental, the money I'm paying.
To the cashier, now escape to your home.
Now everyone wanna go out, they wanna-
Be like a kid before this covid shit, like "Can we go mama?"
Frozen isnt so deep, now I breath ice like its Elsa and Anna.
But Corona leaves your body if theres heat, so let me take the honor.
To push you all outside, yall people that got infected.
If the covid wanna attack me, then with washing hands I'll deflect it
Yall will say that, this is my best shit.
I said this album really destructive, you know I'm the illest.
Might delete some songs that were useless and trash, but I'll still be the biggest.
Now yall just bored in the house like its Blitz Roach (King Blitz and Curtis Roach sound the same.) Defendin'.
Your life, house, area, items and that's what you defend in-
Your house, I might be in a label but I'm still independent.
Dont need nobody to help me, just joined to help them.
In their careers, and keep them safe from the covid.
Now I'm publishing the backup video like it's a Co-Vid.
Killing everyone that has the virus.
Now we shitting on everyone like its IRIS.
Take a fucking bitch and wrap them up.
"What you doing??" Taking a lava dump.
Covid got you covered now the world losing population.
Now everyone should be safe, that's what the nation-
Shouldve been doing, instead of persuasion.
For people to stay inside, and do activities and recreation.
Now from the world, take my prince craft base.
Then we now lost a new type of the human race.
Let's call it extinct, now my skill is distinct.
It's always on point, unlike coronavirus instincts.
Nobody should be killed, everyone should stay.
Now kay, now lay, sorry that I dont like your beats anymore, laykx.
Coffin kill.
Now your girl is probably ill.
Now nobody like your music still.
Fuller than ever, my stomach fill.
Now eat the sausage, and the tea I spilled.

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