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Stay calm at home we will walk through this
My Combat zone of moods said screw this
It’s hard being stuck in quarantine next minute
i know i’m bored than i wanna screen time my queen
Until they find the remedy in lab study what’s next
Vaccine shots at the clinic an pharmacy
Thinking of putting vaccines to cure ya far may seem
Like I won’t know what they injecting in me
i’m Seeing a lot of people losing there patience
Doctors suffers after losing there patients
Watch this Track break out in a second i’ve laid it
Drop around China where a virus had its existence
kill them microscopic creatures there’s trillions
i could say the world didn’t see it coming
nobody was ready for a pandemic suffering
racing Hearts pacing fast i’m jogging a lyrical beating
Panic about an outbreak that’s now on every nation
I’d rather pray for a sick situation to have remediation
People are noticing what the Doctors must be facing
on the frontline Battle with a MICRO enemy
now who has the medicine to cure the gods country
i still hear many ignorant heads in the streets
saying we all gonna die from something we partying
keep spreading your influence zat is sickening
im like could that level of thinking graduate thru 2020
Coronavirus we know as co-vid 19 thing acts deadly
it Hasn’t stopped me from breathing did shocked
my dreams it’s having fear and anxiety i’m listening
Eats me up that it looks for a healthy respiratory
went inside nursing homes destroyed lives of elderly
We are in a state of emergency emergency
i can’t emerge out the city so i’m having a cup of tea
taking my vitamin D, and vitamin C I was living like
i was immune to anything the earth fed me since i
was a baby what we dealing not same kind of germy
i wouldn’t let this infectious disease consume me
congrats the ones who beat it had 19 days with co vid
Being a ruckus across the world show we can beat it
They canceled every flight, local events, businesses
We have to be socially distanced the virus divided us
nope but spreading hate on the asian i’m anti racist
Got to stand united only 6 feet apart from this illness
We are connected with our devices in the crisis
I’m well aware that i’m not use to this type of conflict
what you gotta wear a mask entering a super market
gotta wear gloves too, G i have washed these hands
been 5 washes and my hands looking like granny’s
Stay isolated stay safe is it preventing the insanity?
we need a mr clear up the virus infection soon
before i get OCD how y’all dealing with bad immune
with god our protection we can face anything true
i know it’s a depressed scene losing a loved one
in a sickening way to disappear without a chance
to have another conversation with them

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