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Have fun tryna make a comeback
have fun tryna have sex with a dick like a thumb tack
Prolly spend yo day sitten watching pornhub
I am so hungry look for milfs like its grubhub
I found your mom and she is my top hoe
she kinda old but still gimme top tho
she kinda fishy smell like a flounder
but who cares im still gonna pound her
Call me lil clum-z cuz i am a klutz
tryna fuck the pussy but put it in they butts
then i pull out and have yo mom on suck my nuts
don't come at me tryna be lyrical, cuz if i have to i will go political
build you up break you down like the fucking wall
take you out by your knees n make yo bitch ass fall to the ground
shut the fuck up ion wanna here sound
like honestly how can one be so fucking dumb
maybe yo daddy pulled out and you was born off of pre-cum
anybody got brains, cuz this bitch really needs sum

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