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First off, I'd like to say this,
If you listen then you'll agree,
I'm harder than quantum calculations on a toaster pc,
Divided by zero, nonsense is what this track called,
But read between the lines, you find it's organized chaos,
Shit's easier than Pythagoras Theorem,
Notice how I'm rapping over trap rhythm,
Intelligent lyricism trapped in 4/4 like get creative,
Not tryin' to go to fast lest I lead to Imaginary Places,
But still gonna hit 55 cause I'm a dangerous bus driver,
I would've made this a cypher, 'cept I don't want other rappers in the spot,
Like where's my lighter? I wanna start another fire,
Either bring wood or reefer, or ether if you want a K.O punch,
Maybe also pack a lunch, fuck it, brunch,
Cause it's time to break fast before the crunching of bone,
KICK IN, like the Adrenaline high MISSIN', one man army,
Man's on a MISSION, the way I gain heat from tearin' fishes apart call me Fission Man,
Go fish taken seriously, took my fist and beat this bitch with it now she lispin',
Thirty-Three blows, half of them Pimpin' (Pippen) slaps,
Kicked chap so hard he changed his name to assless,
Stepped over the intellectual tower boundary, fuck Jago,
Might as well call me Atlas see, cause how I bare the pained weight of the game on my mighty pauldrons,
As I charge into the field of death, leavin' all of y'all headless,
Sole Ruler, Eternal Champion, King of Kombat, you get reckless?
Better hope I don't proceed to behead you yet,
But I digress, controlling chaos is like chess except you don't know your opponent yet,
And even if you play peak performance you'll still get checked.

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