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I care bout my money I don't care bout nothing else
Smoking hella backwoods I ain't thinking bout my health
Smoking on straight loud, you can tell tell just by the smell
If I said I love you would you run and tell and yell
She say she won't leave me but I figured thats a lie
She claim that she love me, text that bitch like Good Bye
I won't neva cry for no bitch, nigga that shit is lame
Now she hella mad because she see what I became
Diamonds on my chain, so you know a nigga swaggin
I get all the bitches but Brennen is never bragging
modest in approach, you don't like me then I'm scrapping
Writing all these rhymes, took a passion for the rapping
If he plotting on the gang then Ima get to action
Niggas think they tough, all they care about is fashion
Fuck a 9-5, fell in love with the trapping
Touching dirty money, its too easy so I'm stacking
Calling me her baby tell that bitch she going crazy
I can't cuff no hoes, smoking weed I be too lazy
She want kiss me, she want use me I find shit so shady
Do I got some trust issues I have to say just maybe

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