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I am John Wick with the pencil, Link with the sword
How they correlate yo, you better check the lore
This a metaphor for my lyrical vigor
Flow like a spin attack how I soar
Don’t care if I win but keep score
Don’t care if I lose give me more
‘Cause I’m building up the EXP the chi that flows inside of me
I raise it up with energy release it with an urgency
I be out here prominent
You be on that common shh
Making moves I’m dominant
Submissive ways lacks confidence
Conscious of my competence
God, I see the providence
Eyes on the prize like a guardian
Attack that thang like a scorpion
I’ve got this master sword for this master skill
Mass murder when I grab the hilt
No holds barred but you bar none
Wordplay is my foreplay, hun
Ain’t got that you ain’t got me
Kick ya down to a groupie
It don’t make sense like a rupee
I bring that tide like a current, see?
We lost in a labyrinth
Hit the switch
Get the key
Never die
Energy! x4
Death note and shot of Jack yo it’s Nova Blade, yes ya boi’s back
I done came down, I’m dressed to kill Muramasa Blade with the coat to match
Tony Stark with the arsenal got a warhammer with your name on it
Consider this one a closed case ain’t no puttin’ it out once my flame on it
Iconography, my bros, put on for UV when I drop bars
I’m a problem yes I know, make em sound off like a squad car
I’m too hot, hot damn like I’m Ifrit fused with Charizard
Castin’ Agidyne with a firebrand in a volcano, good lawd
Yo, why did they start me they know I’m that Sai
I don’t play on the mic, that’s my lunatic high
It’s the red mage inside me, I gotta stay fly
I go hammer than y’all hammer Bros till I die,
YUH...oh well you tried
I’m a verbal disaster, a magnitude 9
These rappers a hoax, don’t believe in these guys
Yo, they just like these hoes, they eat hot chip and lie
We lost in a labyrinth
Hit the switch
Get the key
Never die
Energy! x 4
I got wind style I got fire style and Nayru's love
I feel like Naruto, I feel like Sasuke I put my heart in every Sakura punch
I blow Oracles, I smoke Chronicles
My seasons high, my health is low
My breath is wild, I spit crazy
I put together puzzles in a maze I amaze me
I know Zoras, Zorros, Geishis with kimonos
Use Navi to navigate maps of the unknown
I keep my eye of truth attuned, attached to tunic
A tune of the time I can see through the rubric
I break rules and snap timelines
My rupee count is 999
What's beef I got a cash cow don't ask me how
Muthafucka she Lon Lon fine
I could milk her for a long long time
Let me drop this ranch on yo spine
I bend it back to enhance yo mind
I like my leisure like Larry like
I magna cum with them laude types
Make Zelda scream til creme run
She only get it wet for the chosen one
Child of prophecy tryna profit off me
I was getting framed before photography
My money grown I got adult wallet
I break ya vase without your knowledge
Played awaken at Link's Awakening
Been making music with the big fish
But he from the desert so I can't sand him
When I master sword Nigga time rift
We lost in a labyrinth
Hit the switch
Get the key
Never die
Energy! x 4

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