Case Dismissed

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Niggas wanna run they mouth, until I run right through them
Drag them on the floor like a mop, they got it twisted when I screw them
They starting shit but I’m the one ending it
They throw challenges but I’m defending shit
He wanna throw jabs, but I got the punch lines
When I spit these words hit, nigga it’s crunch time
I ain’t talkin no six pack, even though I got you bodied
Throw the bag in the back, now this shit is rocky
You tried to roast a bitch, but instead you got fried
I choke you the fuck out, then make you swallow your pride
Think you big and bad? You ain’t bad, you just big
Popping bottles on the low, got the them lined in your crib
Now I’m spilling the beans , and I’ll make you clean up the mess
Push your buttons a bit, just to get your ass pressed
I got more up my sleeve, I never settle for less
Know all your pressure points, cuz I got that access
You say this is your house, but you drive your mother’s car
Missed you court date, now you serving time behind bars
Got fired on your day off, and now your ass is broke
But acting like a rich nigga so your ego can get stroked
Fuck the strokes, I stab, poke, and prod
A bitch is woke, I swear it on God
Don’t ever sleep on me nigga, cuz I’ll come for your ass
Since you tried to cross me, Imma just let you pass
Pause, rewind, I lied on that last line
Reverse this shit, Imma spill blood like I pour wine
Now a bitch is high, someone seal my lips
Tried to play with me, now we’ve come to grips
Got your name in red at the top of my hit list.
Got you wiped out, now this case is dismissed

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