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(Chorus 8.0)
Smokin' that dope, Why can't I cope? Feeling depressed I'm always alone,
Check on my phone I'm always a ghost, Feeling dead just might overdose,
I ain't got friends, Whoever hits me up only wanna hang on the weekends,
guess it's how society comprehends, All girls do is spend every last cent,
The other percent will do dishes and can't cook a meal, Won't pay the rent,
Will you tell me? Who am I suppose to represent, Who am I suppose to
prevent? All these reasons we gotta defend, All these rappers sound like
they so close, Buying reputations expensive jewelry and clothes,
Yeah (Making a mark)
Making my mark, growing some growths, Making a life for myself,
A family so I gotta go home to my folks, Yeah, The words I hold back,
Might as well choke, Whatever I'll just open a bag of chips and a can
of coke, The words I write will never get a chance to be spoke,
Nowadays I just slit my wrist and wait for the liquid to soak,
Hide away in a black hoodie, #Cloak,
I wanna sleep so I'm
gonna go to sleep now, Do not disturb, Lost when I'm dreaming
kicked to the curb by my angels and demons, Take pills to stay
awake, Take pills for every ache, Try to erase every mistake,
Bulletproof heart, Will never break, Drink away my sorrows's,
Just for my sake, Beat away every heartbreak, Never steal
I just take, Kill all the snakes, Leave all the bitches that ended
up being fake.
You can do better, Without all them, fuck the peer pressure, Your a treasure and I'd fight to see you again for every measure.
Love you❤️🧸

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