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Something new I've been working on, the song will be called "Goddamn" when its finished, check it out let me know what you think really proud of this one
Oh goddamn man tell em what a sinner be
Oh goddamn man hit em with the energy
I end it with my enemies I'm looking for my inner piece
I'm looking at a world and it's so damn new+ to me
I had to grown up fast when I didnt know who to be
Overdosed a couple times went to sleep for 2 or 3
Wake up and do it all over what the fuck you do to me
I'm looking for a greater path I know I gotta make it last
I'm looking at it sideways rolling through the highway
Getting so high, oh shit drive straight
Never really worried about the things that I might say,
and I might say you just went and made my day
24 feeling that flow, I still wont give a damn at 50 years old
Oh goddamn man look at where the heavens at
Oh goddamn man look at what I represent
They know I keep it real in every one of my circles
I took a couple tabs now I be hitting the purple
Alot better off then when I was out there turnin purple
I'm the only motherfucker could rhyme purple with purple
But that's how you know right where my flows at
I rip it back and then i hit em right where their nose at with the dope raps
Something they'll remember when they go back
And I roll by when I'm so fly getting so high
In a bowtie
Down the sidewalk, hit em with the mic drop say what I say so I might pop
At the end of the day when the lights off
Other people out there fucking with the white rock
Do alotta dirt together and they might talk

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