Roger That

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I’m more fresher than a can of glades
U said that’s yo main bitch but that hoe my slave
I’ll have my goons at yo neck like a knife or blade
I been down with heat like Dwayne Wade
I’m all about smoke put the beef on the grill
Hoes looking at me like isdatkodak for real
My flow so sick like a disease it’s ill
I make bitches pop peppermints and think it’s a pill
I got more finesse than a weed man selling some loud
I fuck bitches and expose em and they still go smile
Dnt spend no bag on no hoe I make my own self proud
& if Iran come to Miami than gun go pow
U couldn’t call my phone even if I had droid
I’m dropping niggas like service on a boost phone
Yo main cheek give me glurp she go suck the bone
We rain a train on that hoe and made her walk home
Now roger that roger that roger that where roger at ?
I heard roger rat u won’t see him back

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