Give Me a Chance kuz I'm tryna F...

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You tryna fuck wit me kuz I'm trynna Fuck wit u
Ion want nobody else but You
You wanna Fuck Me I'm tryna Love you
I wanna cuff the Jwet and Run It Up Wit You
Don't listen to ya friends they just gettin' in the Way
They stay tellin lies tryna push me Away
I'm tryna change ya Life Ian kome to Play
Fuck wit a Nigga just ignore the shit they Say
Lemme grease u on the Low
Not even yo Bestie finna Know
Call me Ball Greezy we kan take Nice n Slow
I'm tryna get u right Ion want u fa Show
Let me give u my Heart Ian gon treat u like a Hoe
Don't be afraid to show yo feeling no need to act Bougie
Ian them Ex's that u was wit dat made u look Goofy
I want ya yo self not just for yo Booty
I'm bout to drown in yo Jacuzzi yo shit real Juicy
Ion wanna meet yo friends so don't Introduce Me
[Verse 2]
I peep you tryna fw a Jit but yo friends tell me Otherwise
They ain't get the memo no PnB Rock but you feel the Vibes
Bitches screaming Niggas ain't shit when I'm tryna make u Mine
Ion give a fuck bout them other bitches it's just You and I
Don't be actin' all Sadity lemme talk to You
We kan chill at my crib and talk about whatchu been Through
I know you been broken Ian gon play u fa the Fool
Could give 2 fucks what they told me u still gon be my Boo
On My Grandma Grave I'll check any bitch if they even Try You

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