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Stuck inside this
Stuck inside this, game
'Cause I've been stuck inside this
Stuck inside this, game
Stuck inside this
Stuck inside this, game
'Cause I've been stuck inside this
Stuck inside this, game
There's a new girl with a new name
I've been choking up 'cause I don't feel the same
Sometimes though it feels like a game
Were picking sides like whos to blame
Honestly, I don't care about her, I care about you
But what do I do
How do I play god and change the past
When the past is what keeps me in this game
So I've been writing these bars, I've been these bars
But the bars is what keeps me in this cage
I'll take my soul, and ill clear the air
I need to sit down, and just burn some sage
'Cause I wish I could take back what I said
Every now and again I just choke with rage
And the words have been flying around in my head
And it makes it so hard to flip the page
My income is a comparable stat
And it's funny it changes the way you act
You need to understand if they switched lanes
They noticed they lost what they had to gain
And it's sad because they weren't in your lane
But you should fix the roof before it starts to rain
You should fix yourself before you feel this pain
And I should fix myself before I turn insane
Ability is in them so they make the rules
They want you to win but won't give you the tools
And we think on why so many people lose
But we numb the pain by just drinking booze
And sometimes we just get bored of our life
So we hop online play to some video games
We put ourselves in a land of wonder
But we go from one game to another
I mean how can I win if I only can lose
They will say that this life is yours to choose
They will give you advice, they won't listen to
Because I guess that's just their mission too
I need to bury the things that make me crumble
They gave me a hoe when I needed a shovel
I need to damage the fibers, so I can build the muscle
I need to punch hard to get over the knuckle
They will say move on, so that you don't dwell
They will keep you in line, by bringing up hell
They will drain your desires, just so they sell
And it's sad that we can't see the bars on our cell
And this is exactly the way that they built it
We want the American dream but they killed it
They'll show us the stats but they still won't admit it
This the help that's needed so that we can lift it

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