Tick Tick

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You already know I’m a pro with this
The flow is sick
The vision been blurry till I focused in
I honed the skill
I’ve only ever known what’s real
Plenty fakes keep the gold in grill
Hopes low so they tote the steel
Pop pop till they cold as a frozen meal
Let me toke a hit
Let me toke a hit
I’m hosting rap’s fucking open casket
Closed case on an open bracket
Cast your bets on the clicking of castanets
Bringing it back like funkmaster flex
Pass the rest let’s set it off
Half the set, spit back and forth
Madness sets in
Sad the best shits dead and gone
Cash and debts don’t get along
For the master, death’s the saddest song
Uh, Can we sing along?
For practice, sit within the pause for reflection
Have to diss if they gone target the brethren
Fact or fiction?
Snap, they listen
Latest Tracks hit different
I been In my bag with the rhythm
Wandered down the path with no mission
Magically written this shit
Skip tracks
And I flipped this back
Mismatched the direction
Oh shit
You already know that I’m a pro with this
The flow is sick
The vision been blurry till I focused in
Bro bro imma hit em without no assist
can’t coexist
In the zone again
Tryna clothe em with the coat that fits
Co coca bliss
They zoning out
zoning in
Got em so offended
.44 to the dome, leave it open ended
On the Opiates till they overdose
Can’t overemphasise the overload
toe to toe, I’m next in line
I hold my own against the tides
The stress inside stay prone to blow
fold but only on my own terms
Take note how the road turns
Take a hit, this a slow burn
Take a hit, this a slow burn
Tick tick
Tick tick
I ain’t need no validation just to prove that this shit’s lit
Feeling out of place but I’m the coolest of misfits
Ran around the race, I’ve seen the view from the finish
cutting to the chase, I need some new opposition
Isn’t it rich?
Feeling as big as it gets
Villainous shit
Fill in the pages that’s missing
My mission fulfilled
Filling the prisons with presence of felons
I fell in the trap by defending myself
Jealous of rappers with wealth
Envy their stacks upon stacks of these bills
Wish I could rack up a mill
Not just the scraps of a meal
Back to the real
I been a victim of passion and talent concealed
Happy that that shit is passing now that the new album revealed
track with the tracklist I tapped in to sadness and fear
Of the man in the mirror
How could I rise to the standards of those I revere?
Open a beer
Chugging it down tryna drown all the hopes that are here
Hear me out
Fold under pressure
Adhering to clout
Never really wanted what they advertised
Past my eyes my passing youth-

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