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Big circle of pane
The window's laid in the whirl of fate
Let's burn it and deserve the stares
I've been turnin' for my gain
I see my murk and light shades
The scene of burden inside the change
I feel like my personality is dying to vain
The surface's pride bared
I diverse or my verses died to relate
My divers when i'll find the stay
I life in bide of being in the hie of wait
I would be a wheel but the tire's to break
I've signed my mares but no sties to wave
As a swine i take my whole drive to sway
If i would be a way i would fight to flare
I would to be a sign inside the expire state
Put the wipe in case i'm in a strike with race
But take a gaze for my mind and adjudicate
Do you think i care ? it's just a vine of cate
I'm fine in fall but in the climbin' i fail
My tire was slice i'm in the write out the waste
I dive in tapes till i'm found my lines will aid
Alone in the black my room's my only pass
My soul's trapped and all i do's to hold my graph
In the wall of blank i've talkin' to the ghosts of blanch
I'm too soft and it's so cold outside the flat
My thought's killin' me
They've been in a war to helpin' me
This hole is bulidin' me ? i guess i'll roll in ecstasy
Will i goal myself ? i know i'm balled on the shelf
But these throws was no effort to yell
Nobody to talk with no soul to tell
I'm closed in with my oldest stiffs
Rollin' my skin and swanin' to my neck
I'm dyin' to rove the death
If i get hold it ? will i be caught the rest ?
I know it's a risk but i've got none to solve my fells
I've grown with bones and blood rip
I'm done with dissent ? when i'll stop to resist
Isn't it the time to die yet ? my thumbs digest
The sun is too cold i dig ? but no single star to hit
I'm gone with charred but no one to check
It's up in the shelf but none of us will step
The dark's fillin' and the spark's finished
You're a part of the trip but the bus's belt
If i come to fix it will the gone step in ?

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