Hooks and rhymes about zits peei...

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squeeze it and she pop dat white pussy
go head and squeeze it.. it’s plump and reddish juicy..
tease it.. now that makes no sense..
just do me like a... squeeze it... and she say black pussy....
go ahead and squeeze it... it’s plump and reddish juicy.
Don’t just leave it.. It will pop when you least expect it.
Squeeze it... It turns to a black hole... unleash it for me... cuz she uses them metal tools way too loosely.
Squueze it ... and she pop dat brown pussy.. pop dat yellow pussy... Asian pussy..
Veiny pussy.. cause I see that reddish on your tushy..
when we slap it! ...and slap it! and slap it again!! handprints on your ass ...
your gushy girl stripping till 10...
Flop Flop it out Flop Flop Flop it out..
aim it for the stars...no aim it for the stalls..
nope aim it towards the stars.. cuz thats where you are....
This bitch is yellow and she’s streaming up my balls.
So we...Flop Flop it out Flop Flop it out.. Flop Flop it out Flop Flop Flop it out
... It’s where you are.... That bitch is yellow and she’s streaming up balls.
Bend over much? Baby your in a hunch...sitting on my face.. munch munch...
equates to the biggest of shits.. Bitch be straining out her lunch... cuz she’s the shit after noon or is that a hunch??? Bitch be straining out her lunch...
I be soft and cuddly girl.. brand new and exciting girl... I want up into your world.. I want you to spread the word. I want you to grab me.. pull me... use me now! Until I’m covered in ya filth.. and your dirty mind is so unreal.. Time to stand up now. Don’t get dizzy... I know your a spinner... and I like that your ditsy. Now that your up... I’ll be in the pool getting flimsie... I float to the top in this salt water jacuzzi.. damn your routines are hot. But these other bitches stink.. They just popped right into scene. and they drop... into. the pool ...and they drop... into the school... of deep thought... Can you analyze anal retentive strippers.. I think Not... and they drop.. into the pool... and they drop this shit... Like it’s just drool.. flowing from her mouth.. We act a fool... as we’re cycloning down south.. reddish pussy kissing my mouth... Down Down Down we flow... until we ain’t the shit no more.. But say it slow and say it loud... Your the shit.. girl now make your daddy proud.. give it to me. as we cyclone down south.. reddish pussy steaming kissing at my mouth.... Down Down Down we flow... until we ain’t the shit no more. Gone down the drain and it all started from a strain... If I get away with this.. It’s fucking insane... Shit breaks down... In a scene so dark beneath the ground... Never coming back up for air.. This shit is in the dark now. So we ride through the city and we ride in the shitty part of town and it’s a pity.. we throwing hundreds out the Bentley. Baby girl now it time to forget about the scent we forgot about lent.. Imma give up caring about cohesion im spent.. with the teasing... I just paid the rent.. with a song about Feces coming out a rear end. Play it twice and maybe it will make some sense. It goes pimples pissing then shitting... the end

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