HusL - Undisputed

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Baptized in the middle of the ring
I was born to die RIP to Sting
I was blessed to fight it out but I got a fatal destiny
I’ll be fightin til the death of me
Give it all I got, inside a burial plot
If I’m tombstoned cause I’m too stoned, I drop
If i gotta fight forever forever I’m gonna fly
Jumpin off the top ropes pullin titles out the sky
Ladder to the other side I died and became iconic
Reborn to de-thorn the demons using demonics
Ebonics I’m slayin sayings on evening UPN
Trash talkin ya legacy with incendiary pen
Legendary if you win the only question is when
Whenever the weather whatevers I reign down in the end
Throw you off the top of the cage you free in hell
No bail, you traded in a cell for a cell
At a sellout event, they steady yellin ya name
But you a sellout when you run out of your fortune and fame
My finishing move was the finishing touch
You lacks guts, you get smoked like an empty dutch
I’m inching up to the ruler of the ring
You could never measure up if measurements are not ya thing
I square circumference, I box what I’m around
The heavyweight champ I put that on every pound
What’s it take to be Undisputed
Yeah, I know yall cant see me, Ha
John Cena versus Stevie, yeah
What's it take to be Undisputed
What a wonder you are
What a wonder you are
You trash, hit you with a trash can
Rumble royal royalty they crowned me as the last man
OverTheTop, my competition always under- the-bottom
They get to talkin like they lost it I think poverty got em
Probably a problem for the problematic don’t want the static
They want my status clouded judgment have ‘em falling for Stratus
This apparatus ‘round my thorax cause I’m never on the floor mat
I format the formidable I erase em in combat
My Diamond Dash turn ya grind into Gold Dust
These copper plated plagiarizers die in a gold rush
I Rust-Oleum tagging, ya turf like Mongolians
I always get my point across, no matter what goal we in
Clothesline then I hang em out to dry
Even if we chest to chest you can’t see what's in my eye
Electric I energize, the power I synthesize
Centennial since ethereal senses sequentialized
In step synchronicities, battling multiplicities
Smacking down the Rawest, I’m ripe with many victories
No chivalry for squires I’m the sire up above em
In an oven grilling friars divinely serving the dozens
A dove in liquid soap, A dawn within the ropes
A don donning eternity fraternity of quotes
I’m fresh and you still cant see me
Taking every title my rivals they wanna be me
Man I’m feeling like I’m undisputed
Yeah, I know y'all cant see me, Ha
John Cena versus Stevie, yeah
What's it take to be Undisputed
What a wonder you are
What a wonder you are

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