Dear Mama Remix

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Dear Mama,
This a Tupac Remix
so sit back and listen
cold winter day, a baby girl was born
Mama don't know who the baby daddy was
should've gotten an abort
rent was always overdue
kids were starving from left to right
pill and alcohol bottles everywhere insight
Lil boys screaming and crying tears of freight
extension cords tied from door to door
pounding and screaming came from the inside
mama getting high off the satisfaction
see u did a great job ma
u see why I'm so cold-hearted
because u never played the part
always the role of friend and never a mother
to me or my brothers
brainwashing me to thinking ya way of living in paradise
tryna make things right
ran away when I was young
almost got locked up and knocked up in the same night
wanted to be young and free
u sat there a let that shit be
when I needed my ass beat
learned my lesson way back
Dear Mama,
I'm older now
how have you been?
I've been okay.
things just getting harder and harder every day
daddy the one who was there for me.
had my back thru everything
when I fucked up, he was there
barely gave him any recognition but I love that man
one day imma make him proud
all done with high school
ain't no more fooling around
no doing what u did
not going choose drugs or a man over my kids
ill be damned if I ever did what u did
cold-hearted bitch
dear mama...

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