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I wanna be fly like a god [see what I did there]
God with a glock, Bet u get shot
My songs like a story, They all have a plot
Eat your life better get the last drop
I am a god bow down to me
Be good I know you be heavenly
I am god which means I have a key
See into my personal life see just how I be
I make miracles, I stop criminals
I save harmless Individuals
I make animals talk, I make the cripple walk
I could really bring back tupac
With great power comes great responsibility
I use it to get hoes and make trees [mrbeast]
I have the power to make babies
Shoutout to my friend Hailey
This song isnt good I´ll end it
Maybe at the end of the night my wrists will be slit
I know I´m god but just a lil bitch
Flygod I love you hope u happy with this

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