"For You"

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Uh yo alright Yeah this ones for you baby girl
Ur like a pearl and you made my whole world swirl
Fuck it give it a whirl baby girl
Lemme sing you a lullaby
I get shaky when im around you fuck it i get achy too
But who knows whats gonna happen
Cuz you thought I was lazy but baby you know what Im really not
But now the whole world is gonna turn on you but your still gonna be my angle
Fuck it mangle strangle me do whatever you want to me ill still love you
And maybe I might just be crazy but I think I love you
Don't shove me away now
Cuz I think I love you
I can see through your pain
I can feel your pain
I can be your pain
Even when it rains
The bloodstains
Still remain
Im in pain cant you see
Soon im gonna be on a killing spree
Dont you see no its alright cuz everyones
Carefree whoopie heh its funny really
But wont you still be my lily
Silly me just kill me cuz now i got this guilt
I slipped we kissed but i didn't want to commit
And now your gone im still morning
Its ironic I wanted your love You wanted mine
But now its chronic I should have cared for you more
I should have been There for you more
But screw it I still got that tattoo
It still reminds me of you
It still reminds me of your shadow
But to be honest no one cared
Until you were dead
But not me cuz I held
Your hand until the end
I wont even pretend that we werent friends
And maybe we could have been more than just friends
But now its the end
And I know I cant go back anymore
Im dying on this floor for you

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