drive through a rave

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drive through a rave and
i can jump on a rithm
murder it like a relic
but i'm a mercenary
so inventively trippy
too riveting and arbitrary
make serendipity happen
a chosen chap
never been happy
still turn to rapping
when my pockets need fattening
make sure you seat belts fastened
its my mind driving
steer through life with a beer
tom you've been gone so long
where have you disappeared
mission cleared now i'm back
to lift the atmosphere
bop and keeps your ears locked
wont stop till your bopping
and bubbling lot of bars
left in my noggin chop chop
energy must be popping
eyes crossed and now its you i'm clocking
never been short off gear and feelings
always take it up a gear and be speeding
that girl looked fine indeed
but my breedins topped her easy
never is my time cheap
fuck this game i'm a champ
fuck this state i'm ahead
narc waves got me feeling dead
so that vibe i'm mocking
spark a J until its dead and burred
might take all your pharmacy
meds in a hurry
dont get lost inside my head
keep sheets clean on your bed
your bird kept it messy
and blessed me with her undressing
now i'm back in a club
not even stressing bud
waiting to tear through the moves
people tryna steal my swager groove
back to rave like a grizzle bear
back to playing truth or dare
back to being a pimp now dare
back to the bedroom where my d got shared
back to interstellar travel
its taken me can take me far
enthralled in marvel
i know i'm still the star
interstellar travel has
taken me can take me far
enthralled in marvel
i know i'm still the star
muscle, street and book smarts
hustle power seek and spark
i smoke when its overdue
and see ganja residue
rise to the moon
i toke and i swear
the clouds lift my mood then
elevate my aptitude
to an
altitude no one can match
swear I'm in tune with the stars
dream big so you shine brighter
ideas fill my head why
i've always been a writer

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