Realz - Microphone Merkers Ft. ...

• Written by  • Featuring SMI

Realz - Verse 1 -
Does heaven exist where you live?
I love it when there is a twist
but this isn't edited it's the truest shit.
I spit like medicine but I'm super sick.
Where are you heading? Like Uber you trip.
Broke my back like its Dolphin gymnastics.
I'm really like Gollum from the Lord of the rings on a crack binge
and this city's like Gotham with the lord of the crims and bat wings.
I've clinically lost it like I was in thought, blasting clicks,
I cock back like a dick massage
onto the sly fox I got past him slipping by the guards.
Kicking bars like it's long jump.
What the fuck is up? Fuck the police
cos they're never gonna understand me
Or what it's like to be judged from a criminals element,
not unless they're running in our shoes with a bundle of evidence.
Guns in our boots, methamphetamine and cheddar cheese.
My precious street kids shine brighter than their badges
when their flashing them attention grabbing.
It's Reality featuring Fatality. Fuck a player I'm a bar slayer.
My blood's racing and hard labouring is in my personification.
Fatality - Verse 2 -
I will clutch my wrist to your neck
force you to splurge out heaps of blood and vomit,
that grows under my skin, it's infectious, atomic vomit
I rhyme at speeds so supersonic, that they make you blast into fuckin Jupiter -
Without NASA'S Rockets,
for the emcees i'm commencing nine eleven with these rhyming rockets
I'll yank out your fuckin Ear Sockets,
You'll be needing Some crucial Hearing Aids -
It'll last more than 50 fuckin decades,
I'm a Patronizing, Venomizing Snake,
I don't hesitate while causing Earthquakes,
Tornadoes, Nuclear Grenades and visceral hurricanes!
preventing yall from reforming, my hurricanes we be storming,
And corpses lay with storming rain on a morning day and I'm surely baked
Let me get this straight,
We both teenagers with the same mind state,
We can generate illuminating lyrics,
We ain't horrific, like look at our statistics,
According to statistics I'll fuck you up worse than Jeffery Dahmer with a sharp thermometer
Me and Real-Z can cause sudden extreme thunder,
We gutter these Motha Fuckas Predators undercover,
Wait up Horny Hoe, Real-Z got more suffer,
Which will leave this fucking decade without summer!
(7th track from the album "Debris of emotions.")

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