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prosaic 'less a pro say it
quotes spilling on the mosaic
make it mo' jaded; deep greeens
the weeping and birth,
the hope's prayer, or so say the church
words get a co-pay its no way
to know what its worth; merch. and I suppose
that the flows on the nose too much; phone
not enough with his bros talking shit,
don't stand no more just stay jammed walking quick
slowing down foot al hope it sound good now
its poet drown focus; you could take notice or not
hoes getting dropped into coals and the rocks
and I shole get a lot for a hole, was holding it in
harboring work that was stowing in hurt now I hold it up
throw it in snowing down dirt; now I'm blowing down earth
with a breath fresh air, spring back aint a thing
don't say it; till a pro rate it, I'm a prorate it
over crazy opaque trochaics
sobering up just boba in the cup
only way is up though I never seen bottom
everything rotten until evergreens blossom

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