She got me in my feelings (Prod....

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I kno she got me feelin' a certain Type of Way
I really want dis dame but I just don't kno what to Say
I'd drop all my Hoes just so so she kan be my new Bae
If I give the bitch my Heart I'm just hopin' it don't Break
If I let her in my life I just wonder if she gon Stay
[Verse 1]
Ion really say it much but I think she the One
Give a fuck about what they think but I kno Ian Dumb
If I end up in her bed I'm a grease til we Numb
Kan she take a Nigga soul when I Cum
I always wonder why these Niggas do her Grimy
Meanwhile I'm just tryna have the girl Smiling
I kno a Nigga into her if I really Tryin'
I'm guaranteed to make my shot I kno it's very Likely
Why her friends be think dat I be tryna Play Her
But all I just be wanting to Date Her
Ian no Snake I will never Betray Her
No way I'm doin her ian a Heart Breaker
She ain't lettin' Opps hit these Niggas is Haters
We gon run up a check and count up sum Paper
If I fuck up the chance they ain't no Later
She the want I want fa the rest of my Life
Yea she for the gang she fa me myself I
If Ian had shit I wonder if she still gon be by my Side
When we finna hit a lick Ik dat she bout to Slide
Ppls tryna gossip tryna make her believing Lies
IK my loyalty bout to catch her by Surprise
She gon be shook when I treat her different from other Guys
[Verse 2]
I done cuffed me a Pretty Girl
She hood asf but ain't no City Girl
Real kute face but she a whole Skinny Girl
She got me in my feelings I think my Heart skipped a Beat
Ain't nun like these other Hoes dis dame a different Breed
Any other bitch would be a Downgrade so ain't no need to Cheat
She too good to be fw another so I kan never Leave
I kant have no sour bitch I love my bitches real Sweet
If she really down then she gon have my Babies
Her vibes and her energy enought to drive me Crazy

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